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Mattresses need to be replaced every 7-10 years

Maybe you think the claim that you should replace your mattress every 7-10 years is a marketing ploy for companies trying to sell you a new mattress. However, an old mattress can prevent you from getting the type of healthy, regular sleep that keeps your body feeling young and healthy.

Determining the life of a mattress depends on factors like how often it is used and the original quality. If your mattress is at least seven years old and is not giving you the support and comfort you want, it should be replaced.

Also important to remember is that everyone’s body changes over time, and the need for comfort and support only increases with age. As you age, getting quality sleep is critical to maintaining your health, vitality and weight. That’s why it’s a good idea to compare the mattress and foundation you are sleeping on now to newer models every few years. Here are some signs that you may need a new mattress:

  • You wake up with stiffness, numbness, aches and pains
  • You had a better night’s sleep somewhere other than your own bed (such as a hotel)
  • Your mattress shows visible signs of overuse (it sags, has visible tearing, ripping, holes, staining, or damage)
  • You are tired after a full night’s sleep

There are reasons to replace that are not easy to accept, but they are there regardless. For example, oil stains from your body oils will begin to form on the surface of the mattress and can cause your skin to break out and the mattress to smell. A mattress cover or protector between the mattress and fitted sheet will help protect your mattress, but it also absorbs all of the oils and spills, leaving you with a stained surface in which to sleep.

Even worse than oil build-up and stains is the fact that mattresses will lose their shape over time. This results in a saggy or misshaped mattress that does not provide your muscular and skeletal system with the proper support. That results in your body being sore and tired. Lacking a restful full night’s sleep causes health issues, like exhaustion, weight gain, bad digestion and improper blood flow.

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½ Price Mattress is not a clearance center housing rejects from other stores! They are a factory outlet that orders directly from the manufacturers in very high volume. They offer brand new mattresses in styles like extra firm, firm, cushion firm, plush, ultra plush, Euro top, pillow top, super pillow top, memory foam, and hybrids.

All mattress purchases include a 1 to 4 year warranty against mechanical failure. Because 1/2 Price Mattress does not employ salespeople who receive a commission direct from the manufacturer, customers can be assured that they will receive a stress-free, no pressure buying experience.

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