Discount Mattresses in West Palm Beach

Discount Mattresses in West Palm Beach

Get Better Sleep with Discount Mattresses in West Palm Beach

How do you invest in your productivity? Most of us believe we have to pound ourselves into the ground with completed tasks. We work long hours to finish as much work as possible and it doesn’t stop at the office! We come home and there is even more to do from feeding ourselves to keeping things clean, etc. Whatever your philosophy happens to be on work ethic, there’s likely a significant component, an honest-to-goodness secret weapon you are overlooking when it comes to being productive.

The absolute best way to increase your productivity? Invest in Rest.


How does a discount mattress improve your work productivity?

According to Forbes, a lack of sleep might actually be a major obstacle in your professional progression in life. That might sound counter-intuitive – after all, if you’re sleeping, you’re not working! Thing is, a study conducted by Harvard on the effects of sleep deprivation on work productivity has motivated several major corporations and businesses to invest more in their staff’s sleep health. The study concluded insomnia robs the average worker of 11.3 days of work which, in monetary terms, comes out to about $2.2K. Multiply that figure by however many workers support any given business and you’re looking at major losses in productivity.

When we have adequate rest, we are less prone to distraction. We make fewer mistakes with this optimal level of focus. Our ability to discern the next move on a project is sharpened for having replenished ourselves. We’re less like to completely burn out on a job or task if we pace ourselves. We’ve actually known this for longer than you might think – it all goes back to the Neolithic period where keen awareness was critical to man’s survival.


A Brief History of Mattresses

Even primitive man realized rest correlated with his ability to survive. During the Neolithic period, people started building beds which were lifted off the ground to protect against agitators of sleep. Namely, by laying down leaves, grass, or straw in an organized pile and resting an animal skin over it, one was spared from lying in dirt, being as easily accessible to pests, or catching a draft.

The next advancement in bedding dates back to 3600 BCE in Persia. People would fill goatskins with water as a mattress on which to sleep perhaps to simulate the cushioning, weightless feeling of floating on water. Egyptians would heap together piles of palm boughs to avoid sleeping directly on the ground. By 200 BCE, the Romans started making what we might recognize as a more classic “mattress” by stuffing cloth sacks with hay or wool. Feathers were harder to come by and used only for the wealthiest of Romans.

By the Renaissance, people started to consider better materials for a comfortable night’s sleep. People have used numerous cushioning substances from pea shucks to cotton, coconut fibers to horsehair! It wasn’t until the 1800’s that the first spring coils were designed for a chair seat. By 1865, the coil was further refined to include in bedding. This led to Heinriech Westphal invention of the first innerspring mattress in 1871.

We’ve come a long way from hay and cast iron and advanced to cushioning foam, ThermaGel, and even copper-infused materials to ease symptoms of inflammatory illnesses like arthritis. There are so many options now – which might be part of why it feels like such a hassle to invest in a new mattress.

This guide will help streamline your selection process so you can buy with ease and get the rest you need to get back to work!


The Ultimate Discount Mattress Buying Guide for West Palm Beach, FL

Let’s make investing in your sleep a little easier for you. In this guide, we’ve broken the process down into three steps. Each step includes the information you need to step out to the bargain mattress outlet and find the best bang for your buck! We’ll guide you through understanding how you sleep, which mattresses accommodate your sleep priorities, and what to do to test for the perfect discount mattress at the store.

Following these three steps will help you select a great mattress. It’s a large investment and hesitation due to constant comparisons and analysis just steers you further and further away from the rest you need to be your productive, best self. We’re going to make this simpler for you!


Step One: Know your sleep priorities when choosing a discount bargain mattress in West Palm Beach, FL

The first thing you need to consider is how you sleep and what you need to feel comfortable and relaxed. There two major factors to consider which are position and weight:


Do you tend to sleep on your back?

If you tend to sleep on your back, you might have the most wiggle room for selecting a mattress. Back sleepers can rest comfortably on medium to firm mattresses to ensure support on the lifted lumbar area of your body.


Do you wake up to find you’ve been sleeping on your side?

If you’re a side sleeper, you tend to place extra weight on your hips and shoulders. You’re going to want to find a mattress which offers contour support and distributes weight in such a way your body rests in proper alignment. If you’re crunched up or sinking down too far, the stress on your spine will disrupt your sleep.


Are you a stomach sleeper?

If there’s anyway you can adjust your position, stomach sleeping is really tough on your neck and back. If your stomach sinks into the middle of the bed, you’re adding even more pressure on your joints. If you can’t avoid sleeping on your stomach, your goal is to find a comfortably firm mattress to avoid crunching your spine.


Are you lighter in weight?

If you are particularly lightweight, you want to avoid mattresses which are too firm to accommodate for the contours of your body. Without the weight to press into a bed, you will want a softer mattress which will provide the proper cushioning to your sleep position.


Would you consider yourself a heavy sleeper?

Smart manufacturers will include the weight limit on their mattresses to help you eliminate inappropriate options. The size of the mattress and heat transfer will be significant to consider for your personal comfort.

Step Two: Know how discount mattresses accommodate your sleep priorities when browsing the selection in West Palm Beach, FL

After you establish how you sleep, it will be easier to determine what sort of discount mattress will provide you with quality rest.

If you’re a side sleeper, you may want to focus your search on softer mattresses to accommodate for proper spine alignment. Back sleepers do well with memory foam to provide lumbar support while stomach sleepers should opt for a firmer mattress such as hybrids with heavy-duty coils and performance foam. Side sleepers may want the softer variety of mattresses in memory foam variations to accommodate the curves of the side body. If you’re heavier, a quality foam or innerspring/memory foam hybrid will assist with cooling and comfort.

You’ll want to consider your sleep situation – how does a single mattress, for example, accommodate two different types of sleepers? Heat transfer and cooling ability of a discount mattress could be a major player in restful sleep. Not all materials for bedding are created equal in this regard. Some mattresses come with a ThermaGel to help distribute heat, but, there are some mattresses which trap the heat and have you kicking off the covers in the middle of the night. If you already run warm while sleeping, you may want to consider innerspring coil beds to distribute heat.

Motion transfer also matters in a quality mattress. If you share a bed with another person, does he or she toss and turn all night long? Or, if you have different schedules, sleep might be disrupted when one of you rises earlier in the morning. You will want to avoid coil beds made with one continuous coil and opt for mattresses with foam, pockets coils, and/or pillow top covers.


Step Three: Know how to test a discount mattress when shopping in West Palm Beach, FL

When you’re searching through a mattress sale, you want to look for certain benefits and test out the mattresses themselves. Now that you know how you sleep and what sorts of mattresses will provide you with your preferred comfort, review the following:


Assess the durability of a bargain mattress in West Palm Beach:Looks at how the mattress is advertised. How much emphasis is there on versatile design? What can the salespeople and reviews tell you about the mattress’ ability to withstand a normal amount of wear & tear?


Always review the warranty on a discount mattress in West Palm Beach:If the manufacturers are willing to stand behind their product, you will find warranties reflecting a relatively long lifespan. Return policies should be clear and the company’s willingness to replace a mattress under warranty is a sign of confidence in the quality of the mattress.


Consider your local West Palm Beach community reviews of a discount mattress:Not every online review has quality information to offer; however, if you see consistency in reviews, this might be an indicator for valuable information. Looking at what your local community has to say about your selection may offer unique insight as they are sleeping in the same environmental atmosphere as you.


Once you’ve checked off these qualities, make sure you actually lie down on the mattress and let your body be the judge. If you take someone with you, you can determine motion transfer by having the person get on and off the mattress a few times. You will know which mattresses are not for you right away if you lie down and feel like you just can’t get comfortable.

Check the edge support of the mattress by sitting on the edge. You might not know what you’re feeling for the first few times you try this, but, as you assess more mattresses, it will become obvious which ones offer you better edge support.


Find cheap discount mattresses from a reputable, family-owned business in West Palm Beach like our clients in Boca Raton, Lake Worth, and Boynton Beach, FL

The staff at 1/2 Price Mattress is knowledgeable about the best bargain mattresses to accommodate your particular needs. When you visit one of our convenient locations, you avoid all the hassle of negotiating and haggling with salespeople looking to make a commission. We’re more interested in you getting your best sleep and finding a mattress that suits your ultimate comfort. While there is no such thing as a perfect mattress as there are pros and cons to every material, type, and support structure, our goal is to get as close as possible to improve your rest and the sleep cycle of your entire family with affordable, top quality mattresses.


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