Right Mattress for your Posture – Palm Beach Discount mattress

Right Mattress for your Posture – Palm Beach Discount Mattress

How to pick the right mattress to address your pain points

The word “posture” probably comes to mind more frequently with memories from high school debate class, business meetings, or all things upright and awake. Rather than thinking of posture as something to demonstrate dignity and style, posture should be considered whenever a person plans to maintain the same position for prolonged periods of time.

With the many distractions of a modern life, it’s easy to disregard how the body feels while working at a desk or watching a movie. It’s even easier not to consider the role posture plays when it comes to quality of sleep and body pains.


Finding the Right Mattress in Palm Beach Could Help Address Your Pain Points

If you experience chronic pain in one form or another, you may have tried numerous treatments to feel better. From pain pills to physical therapy, not everyone counts the restorative, healing power of restful sleep as a treatment for pain.

The startling side effects of poor sleep seem to overpower awareness around the benefits of restful sleep to include pain relief. Poor sleep actually turns up the volume on pain sensitivity whereas as getting better rest has the opposite effect.

Among the various contributors to poor sleep including diet, activity level, etc., it is worth exploring if the mattress on which a person sleeps is in fact a heavy-handed contributor tothe disruption of sleep.


Two particular physical symptoms may indicate it’s high time to find a better mattress in Palm Beach.

Since there are a number of contributing factors to sleep disruption, a few hints will point the finger of blame at the mattress.

Firstly, one should consider how much tossing and turning one does at night in an effort to feel comfortable enough to fall asleep. If a sleeper wakes up more than once during the night to relieve an uncomfortable position, this may mean the mattress is not ideal for the individual sleeper.

Secondly, what time of day is the pain most noticeable? When you wake up, do you immediately feel pain in your body somewhere? If morning discomfort is somewhat regular, when does it dissipate?

If you tend to feel better after stretching for 10 – 15 minutes, the most likely culprit running off with your chance at quality sleep is the mattress.


Guidelines for choosing the best Stearns & Foster or Sealy Posturepedic mattress in Palm Beach for specific pain points:

There is limited research on what types of mattress are directly linked to relieving pain or exacerbating pain; however, a few studies indicate there are certain elements of mattresses which appear connected to a better night’s rest.

It is important to pick a mattress which feels most comfortable for your particular body, placing you in proper alignment. As an example, narrower hips may feel rested and supported on a firmer surface than wider hips.


What is the best kind of Stearns & Foster mattress in Palm Beach for back pain?

The rule of thumb for back pain used to insinuate a firm mattress was the optimum choice, but, this is not actually the case.

A too-firm mattress for your body type may apply more pressure to your pain points whereas a too-soft mattress will allow the body to sink into an awkward position and throw the spine out of alignment.

When picking a better mattress for back pain, check for hybrids which offer the firmness of a well-engineered innerspring mattress along with the comfort of a pillow top over the coils. If your weight is on the heavier end of the spectrum, a firmer mattress may be necessary to offer the proper support for the spine.

A medium-firm mattress from Stearns & Foster might be just the right balance to keep your spine in alignment if you struggle with back pain.


What is the best kind of Sealy Posturepedic mattress for hip and shoulder pain?

Unlike those who experience mostly back pain, traditional innerspring mattresses are not considered the best mattresses for hip pain.

One of the more common sleep positions for those with hip pain related to sleep is on the side. For this reason, a too firm mattress does not allow for the contours of the body to rest in proper alignment, placing the hips too high and allowing the waist to droop. Most of the weight of the body presses down right on the hips (which can contribute to pinpointed lower back pain as well). Innersprings do not offer much in the way of waist support which may result in a contorted spine.

A memory foam mattress will allow the places with the most weight to release deeper into the mattress while lighter areas remain in proper spinal alignment. The same concept applies when looking for shoulder and neck relief – the mattress should allow for flexibility of movement where the most pressure is applied to the body while the lighter areas have support to rest in place with the spine.


Stearns & Foster or Sealy Posturepedic mattresses in Palm Beach may help reduce muscle and joint pain.

There is no one perfect mattress to act as a panacea for pain; however, if your mattress is over 8 years old, there’s a good chance buying any new mattress will help you achieve quality sleep.

A small study at Oklahoma State University randomly chose 62 people to sleep on brand new beds for about a month. Virtually every participant reported better sleep during the study period regardless of the type of mattress.

The same study demonstrated, however, those who slept on the cheapest quality mattresses experienced more pain and lest restful sleep than those on higher-priced mattresses. ½ Price Mattresses helps make the investment easier on the wallet without sacrificing quality.


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Top quality brands of mattresses, like Stearns & Foster or Sealy Posturepedic, will help accommodate every kind of sleeper.

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